Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2872 of 17-02-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Climbed like a fish (6)
4.Distraught wanderer approached (4,4)ANAGRAM of WANDERER
9.Creature found wild in Manila (6)ANAGRAM of MANILA
10.Celebrated gent seen to take the initiative (5,3)
12.His wife went to Paris causing strife (8)
13.A VIP too (2,4)
15.Wrote the first letter off memory (4)
16.Our musical composition is marvellous (10)ANAGRAM of OUR MUSICAL
19.Do they stop cars in record time? (4,6)
20.Fixed forms of worship (4)
23.Property gets one thousand short of estimate (6)
25.Hesitated to have the key changed (8)
27.The problem of race (8)
28.Give an account of prices to the general public (6)
29.Surprised to find the first part was first (8)
30.A horse that's better in the long run (6)

1.Speak in broken English (7)
2.A right rotten seat puts one off (9)A+4-letter synonym for RIGHT+ANAGRAM of SEAT
3.Supply with power (6)
5.Pity for girl badly hurtANAGRAM of HURT
6.Finds a solution when the factory is on strike (5,3)
7.Oriental to run in an away match (5)
8.Gentleman burglar held to raise money for charity (7)
11.US claim settlement for Oklahoma, say (7)ANAGRAM of US CLAIM
14.Sort of thinking of belonging to the side (7)
17.Dressed to go in for dinner (4-5)
18.Not easy to grasp by sailors on land (8)
19.One's mad to mix spirits (7)ANAGRAM of ONES MAD
21.All he makes goes on horses (7)
22.The way of a townsman (6)
24.Ascot written about by Puccini (5)ANAGRAM of ASCOT
26.A shade depressed (4)
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Created at 13.30 hrs IST on 17-02-2013

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