Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3036 of 17-04-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 One member takes part in strikes (7)
5 Art exhibition venue for top people in the theatre (7)
9 Alarm rattles disturb (7)ANAGRAM of IN RATTLES
10 Gets messing about in boats (7)ANAGRAM of IN BOATS
11 Go in for chips without fish (5)
12 Inferior style in which younger children are taught (5,4)
13 It may be adjusted for the rest of the holiday (4,5)
15 Achievement in a game of snap (5)
16 Them's drunk, them's what drinks it (5)ANAGRAM of THEMS
18 He'll be out of place in bar seat (9)ANAGRAM of IN BAR SEAT
21 He made very valuable contacts (4,5)
24 A pie's turning brown (5)ANAGRAM of A PIES
25 Academic follows Judah's son continually (2,3,2)
26 Obliteration is certain after a time (7)
27 Took uncertain steps (7)
28 They hold records in trade (7)

1 A change in dates offered an alternative (7)ANAGRAM of IN DATES
2 Kind of surgery in which cat's lip is repaired (7)ANAGRAM of CATS LIP
3 Drops that will harm the eyes (9)
4 Might be cold yet might be good-tempered (5)
5 Light bait?(4-5)
6 Afterwards? Dead right (5)
7 Part of the story is in verse (7)
8 Feature film about the Middle East (7)
14 Performed in a group of profilgate character (9)
15 It issues notes though not silver (5,4)
16 Pretend to understand (4,3)
17 Local vessel that can be managed single-handed (7)
19 Writer comes up with a melody for big star (7)
20 School books for lecturers (7)
22 Design a miniature (5)
23 Splendid organ effect (5)
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