Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2989 of 17-05-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Article on currency unit includes one of the past (7)
5.Track celebrity's heavenly body (3,4)
9.Ends interim arrangements (7)ANAGRAM of INTERIM
10.Sort of roll made with herb and an American stuffing (7)
11.Tom turns to an item from a cracker (5)>ANAGRAM of TOM TO
12.Fruit stolen - used as missiles (9)
13.Scared of fire tried to put it out (9)ANAGRAM of FIRE TRIED
15.Out of practice, but try us anyway (5)ANAGRAM of TRY US
16.Composer of the twist? (5)
18.Training vessel for aspiring officers? (9)
21.Dream residence? (4,2,3)
24.Tricky performance as an act in variety (5)ANAGRAM of ACT IN
25.Kind of resort where disease is treated (7)ANAGRAM of DISEASE
26.The case of the broken latches (7)ANAGRAM of LATCHES
27.Excuse the introduction (7)
28. Laughs at what could be desired (7)ANAGRAM of DESIRED

1.A shot at test (7)
2.He looks after a dog on a hill (7)
3.Leader of a column (9)
4.THe object of having a night out (5)ANAGRAM of NIGHT
5. Dropped from one's hand (9)
6.Reading between the lines (5)
7.Every set-up about it is instructive (7)ANAGRAM of SET+EACH for EVERY
8.Coming down to the earth but never rising to the attempt (7)ANAGRAM of NEER+TRY for ATTEMPT
14.Performing together? (2,7)
15.Act terror when this surgical instrument is pulled out (9)ANAGRAM of ACT TERROR
16. Arrives to find inflation at the bakery (5,2)
17.Grape producer without a label to mark its year (7)
19.Gave birth to a plot? (7)
20.Jams and preserves (7)
22.Lady love with a bad upbringing (5)
23.Ill treated (5)
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