Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2954 dated 17-08-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Straighten things out and become more friendlier (6)
4.Funny chap TV and press are brought into study (8)
9.Strike out (6)
10.Mean to be understanding (8)
12. The point in folly that becomes madness (8)
13.Sort of hats we put bands round (6)ANAGRAM of HATS WE
15.Ridicules supporters (4)
16.Flirts and is captivated by her lips perhaps (10)ANAGRAM of AND IS LIPS
19.Iago cursed in dismay (10)ANAGRAM of IAGO CURSED
20.Pay attention or bend over (4)
23.Watched United compete for leadership (6)
25.Abandoned ship (8)
27.Dependent paid for help when needed (8)
28.Lie in an open sort of way (6)
29.He sends abroad for money (8)
30.Only just get me to bank (6)

1.Ruin the opening (7)
2.Sweets that score highly (5-4)
3.Observing it's a dumbbell (6)
5.They move a boat across water or round a point (4)
6.A bitter blow is wanted badly (4,4)ANAGRAM of IS WANTED
7.Being a fool I do it wrongly (5)ANAGRAM of I DO IT
8.Gold pieces but not regular currency (7)
11.Starting three cheers maybe for these engravers (7)ANAGRAM of CHEERS+T for STARTING THREE
14.Leading off in file (7)ANAGRAM of LEADING
17.How the heat can knock one out (9)
18.Mine host in the Loire perhaps (8)ANAGRAM of THE LOIRE
19.I'd come up with poetry that is different(7)
21.To agree completely (7)
22.Head place of worship (6)
24.Bar for some ladies to patronise (5)
26.Measure for fitting, say (4)
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