Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3064 of 18-09-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Room for discussion in Parliament (7)
5 Junior officers made to climb the mast (7)
9 Charges give new area a setback (7)ANAGRAM of AREA SET
10 Ring through at one point for work (7)
11 Verbal criticism of the show (5)
12 Shares with another being cramped? (7,2)
13 Rational conclusion to be drawn from one's earnings (9)
15 In a way Poe's a famous story-teller (5)ANAGRAM of POES A
16 Beg to put off retirement (3,2)
18 Trips need to be organised for the head of state (9)ANAGRAM of TRIPS NEED
21 Pay a visit after some persuasion? (4,5)
24 NPenal reform in an Asian kingdom (5)ANAGRAM of PENAL
25 A heavenly intervention (7)
26 Sea creature in a flower (7)
27 Serious article grasped by a man (7)
28 She plays with the electric switch (7)

1 Conducted the meeting with ice-hard resolve (7)ANAGRAM of ICE HARD
2 A driver went astray but completed the course (7)ANAGRAM of A DRIVER
3 Articles from the picnic basket in the meadow (9)
4 Reduced to the lowest level (5)
5 There's a lot to be said for having it (9)
6 Some time needed to form words (5)
7 How girls after midnight make spectacles of themselves (7)
8 Approach with some pomp to perform a menial task (5,2)
14 Trumped in error - that's thoughtless (9)ANAGRAM of TRUMPED IN
15 Possibly lamenting getting in a row (9)ANAGRAM of LAMENTING
16 Hide away or grdually let out (7)
17 Glass clothes dryer (7)
19 Go off in a bad temper (7)
20 The men who count in banking (7)
22 Regret holding gym lessons for money (5)
23 A drop of whiskey before a stage show (5)
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