CRYPTIC CROSSWORD FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE (3090 of 19-03-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 I am wearing imitation jewellery for fun (7)
5 New latches required for these dwellings (7)ANAGRAM of LATCHES
9 Head chef starts unusual very special cake (7)
10 Comparitively unpleasant stearin compound (7)ANAGRAM of STEARIN
11 Submit to delay perhaps (5)
12 Astounded prospector is lucky we hear (9)
13 Rectified - a bad habit (9)
15 Applaud the victuals (5)
16 Fifty knocked out of the squadron in battle (5)
18 Ran back with a share account (9)
21 He doesn't complain if he gets a beating (4,5)
24 Olga's staggering on port (5)ANAGRAM of OLGAS
25 An issue that is free (7)
26 Many on guard in hollow (7)
27 An instrument of Eve's downfall (7)
28 Excuse the introduction (7)

1 Confused type of bounder or ringfighter (7)
2 Filled in with very loud duets newly composed (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of DUETS
3 Tense expression of complete self-satisfaction (9)
4 One playing a minor part in run (5)
5 He tries to swindle with a business offer (9)
6 Valuable property like a complete collection (5)
7 Mince pie and preserve for a gourmet (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of PIE
8 He does nothing to express his complaints (7)
14 Getting on for ten scenes need rewriting (9)ANAGRAM of TEN SCENES
15 Dare to raise an objection (9)
16 Numbers displayed by entrants in beauty contests (7)
17 Dog cart? (7)
19 Geraint turns out to be a thankless person (7)ANAGRAM of GERAINT
20 First part of new rise just coming into effect (7)
22 Go on sabbatical (5)
23 Accountant taken in by traveller's summary (5)
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