Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2985 of 19-04-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.A short passage but about right (7)
5.Crane is of the German strain (7)
9.Professional get by and even flourish (7)
10.A sign of a poisonous creature (7)
11.Yet it may be quite a young tree (5)>
12.A lone crab scuttles round by the sea in Spain (9)ANAGRAM of A LONE CRAB
13.Hair dresser? (9)
15.Flapping sails of hemp fibre (5)ANAGRAM of SAILS
16.A month to live perhaps (5)
18.He will leave a permanent impression upon one (9)
21.Force one to study music (9)
24.The depth of depression (5)
25.New test run charge (7)ANAGRAM of TEST RUN
26.Change course when vessel's caught in swell (4,3)
27.Lean over the counter where shoes are repaired (4,3)
28. Comes into force? (7)

1.Speak fast (7)
2.Full of humanity? (7)
3.Note golf score: adequate but may be fixed (9)
4.Feverish activity in temples (5)
5. Shame! Don't believe it (9)
6.Heron seen around the river (5)ANAGRAM of HERON
7.Wicked little devil is a debt-collector (7)
8.A professor of infinite wisdom (4,3)
14.Students should draw on his advice (3,6)
15.Rod's uncle turns out to be a villain (9)ANAGRAM of RODS UNCLE
16. Possibly be match for a Scottish king (7)ANAGRAM of BE MATCH
17.Major currency of China (7)
19.Doris on shift confined to building (7)ANAGRAM of DORIS ON
20.A very loud stir erupts over rates charged (7)ANAGRAM of FF for VERY LOUD+A STIR
22.It's up for approval (5)
23.Inert form of chemical (5)ANAGRAM of INERT
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