Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3003 dated 19-07-2015 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.It often clashes with its own kind (6)
4.Quietly object to a small portion (8)
9.Girl entertains relatives, capital (6)
10.Withdrawing again losing interest (8)
12. Franciscan primate (8)
13.One might expect it to stick to seaside rock (6)
15.Board of trade (4)
16.Path of the swallow? (10)
19.Keep arguing - like Mrs. Sprat does (4,3,3)
20.Show displeasure when nothing is in place (4)
23.Believe one will agree to an invitation? (6)
25.Contemplate a change in meat diet (8)ANAGRAM of MEAT DIET
27.An agent bound to be reinstated (8)
28.Prudence West is taking Benedictine (6)
29.Negative poles seen to change? Absurd (8)ANAGRAM of NO NS for NEGATIVE POLES+SEEN
30.Sung or spoken at church (6)

1.Garment paid for on receipt in Massachussets (4,3)
2.Patch up one's differences with Thackerey (4,5)
3.It will treat bruises in a car smash (6)ANAGRAM of IN A CAR
5.A parson upset enough to swear (4)
6.When darkening skies are tinged with gilt anew (8)ANAGRAM of WITH GILT
7.Fresh scrip issue (5)ANAGRAM of SCRIP
8.Converting heights into parts (7)ANAGRAM of HEIGHTS
11.I write in red - not green (7)
14.Gave a fellow the wrong date (7)ANAGRAM of DON for FELLOW+DATE
17.Kind of duck that make do with oranges (9)
18.Cessation of work means reduction in pay (8)
19.Arching in embarrassment (7)ANAGRAM of ARCHING
21.Glider pilots find it uplifting (7)
22.Angle brackets in the end (6)
24.Bird one shouldn't have indoors? (5)
26.Grounds of pastures say (4)
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Created at 08.00 hrs IST on 19-07-2015 from Chennai

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