Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2938 of 20-04-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.After being discharged go back for support of a kind (7)
5.Fail to catch or accidentally disclose (3,4)
9.Temporary rule affecting green city outskirts (7)ANAGRAM of GREEN+CY for CITY OUTSKIRTS
10.Upset rum truffle (7)ANAGRAM of TRUFFLE
11.A bit of land is granted to a tenant (5)
12.Run away twice? Not this soldier (6,3)
13.British warships only vary a refit (5,4)ANAGRAM of ONLY VARY A
15.Subject - The Middle East (5)
16.Girl has half an hour in a state (5)
18.Final defeat in a test match (9)
21.Batter's way to get out quickly after mishap (3-3-3)
24.A shrub I call exotic (5)ANAGRAM of I CALL
25.The stone archeologists treat so cryptically (7)ANAGRAM of TREAT SO
26.Ill-starred men of commerce (7)ANAGRAM of STARRED
27.Tears shed on a capital offence (7)ANAGRAM of TEARS ON
28. Real setback for Ophelia's brother (7)ANAGRAM of REAL SET

1.Skin specialist (7)
2.Largely in royal fashion (7)ANAGRAM of LARGELY
3.Give two pounds, nothing more for the carver (9)
4.Ridiculed a conductor, we hear (5)
5. Existing fashion (5,4)
6.Father leaves the pair of them (5)
7.Football official on the application form? (7)
8.Artist's girl friend? (7)
14.Confirm when definite (9)
15.Accept a holiday and say goodbye (4,5)
16. To succeed it must follow her in first (7)ANAGRAM of IT HER IN
17.Its rate has to be adjusted for an entertainer (7)ANAGRAM of ITS RATE
19.Indisposition of one in mental breakdown (7)ANAGesasRAM of I for ONE+MENTAL
20.Pardons and releases (7)
22.Records music (5)
23.Place of birth (5)
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