Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2951 dated 20-07-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.say what you like, it's free (6)
4.Win although exhausted (8)
9.Corrects the final part in a script (6)
10.Diana's position as cashier perhaps (8)
12. Denial in the form of no eating (8)ANAGRAM of NO EATING
13.A piece played in a mask (6)
15.Regrets the ways of the French (4)
16.Devote to rewriting scene or act (10)ANAGRAM of SCENE OR ACT
19.Quick-service ammunition (10)
20.Toiletry obtained from local chemists (4)
23.Extra large fender (6)
25.Key leather treatment is delicate (8)ANAGRAM of E for KEY+LEATHER
27.Warmer - or cooler (8)
28.Its members show appreciation for money (6)
29.High romance (4,4)
30.Frenchman in our power (6)

1.One reaching across may get wrench (7)
2.Always go for this type of growth (9)
3.ADC set to review military trainees (6)ANAGRAM of ADC SET
5.Ivan, the Terrible is cancelled (4)ANAGRAM of IVAN
6.To censure or preach perhaps (8)ANAGRAM of OR PREACH
7.A wild animal, but it's all right, a quiet one (5)
8.This is irritating for sightseers naturally (7)
11.See Jazz group going round Asian capital (7)
14.Keep away from others (7)
17.Ballet posture of Lincoln in square dance (9)ANAGRAM of ABE for LINCOLN+SQUARE
18.Possibly finding rent a lot but not criticising (8)ANAGRAM of RENT A LOT
19.Show the rate has been fiddled on the taxi (7)ANAGRAM of CAB for TAXI+RATE
21.Unusual glee shown after getting a pass in school (7)ANAGRAM of COL for PASS+GLEE
22.Wrongly blamed for the uproar (6)ANAGRAM of BLAMED
24.he will show a dress pattern (5)
26.Use the wrong sort of tackle perhaps (4)
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Created at 11.30 hrs IST on 20-07-2014

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