Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2912 of 20-10-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Tells of twinges after exercise (7)
5.He had an uncle and sisters on the stage (7)
9.Husband shows reticence (7)
10.A rising little place noted for industry (7)
11.Her sister is a superior person (5)
12.Australian haven providing unrestricted cover in the sound (9)
13.Has a note to mail first - must be quick (9)
15.Many poems need deciphering (5)
16.Ease off the downward pressure (3,2)
18.Called without once becoming stuck-up (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (ONCE+CITED for CALLED)
21.No striking example of the horologist's craft (9)
24.Tracks of birds (5)
25.Ends of an academic period in Italian capital (7)
26.An early caller (7)
27.Gulpers to go out the whole hog (7)ANAGRAM of GULPERS
28. Train to articulate(7)

1.Vegetable described in a newspaper cutting (7)
2.Promises certain to be kept by a fool (7)
3.One of those animal crackers (9)
4.Novel supporter in the flesh perhaps (5)ANAGRAM of FLESH
5.Changed circumstances may put a different complexion on it (9)
6.He's paid to say nothing (5)
7.Given a lift from ttis ode (7)ANAGRAM of THIS ODE
8.Depressed areas (7)
14.About four hide being reticent (9)
15.It's not alphabetical, that's obvious of course (5,4)
16. T.S.Eliot play shows understatement (7)ANAGRAM of T S ELIOT
17.Some were carried away in it and lost their heads (7)
19.A plant from the list (7)ANAGRAM of THE LIST
20.Abandons wastelands (7)
22.Coming before the deputy head perhaps (5)
23.Strange oriental lake (5)
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