THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3225 of 20-10-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Be all a tremble, yet brave it somehow (7)ANAGRAM of BRAVE IT
5 Attendant chiropodist? (7)
9 Gives up and goes to bed (5,2)
10 Town crier's profession (7)
11 Is about to strive to obtain plants (5)
12 The cost of a bargain offer? (4,5)
13 Beggars description in Naples (9)
15 A view that makes sense (5)
16 Meeting a variable cost (5)ANAGRAM of A COST
18 Lack of restriction enjoyed by Pinocchio (2,7)
21 She has connections, relatively speaking (9)
24 Be way out about a point (5)
25 Turn one out, though it's free of charge (7)ANAGRAM of TURN ONE
26 Gates may fall as the cricket match continues (7)
27 Tea and biscuits for the teams? (7)
28 Taking of­fence (7)

1 Acid criticism (7)
2 Bore Liz witless with French composer (7)ANAGRAM of BORE LIZ
3 One who helps satanists out (9)ANAGRAM of SATANISTS
4 Birds from other nests (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
5 Powers a university has (9)
6 Part of a ship or dock (5)
7 This posting means trouble in China (7)ANAGRAM of CAME DAY
8 Slight oversight (7)
14 Pretty useless objects (9)
15 Desire transport? (9)
16 Look this way with suspicion (7)
17 Eat the whole ice cream outside (7)
19 New native quarter shows simplicity (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of NATIVE
20 Stays if made content (7)ANAGRAM of STAYS IF
22 Swore to reform, but hasn't got any better (5)ANAGRAM of SWORE
23 A column seen in flight (5)
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