Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3067 dated 20-11-2016 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Jack;s brother about to imbibe (6)
4.Magician demonstrates trick to member of panel (8)
9.Article and new film about a resort in Italy (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of FILM
10.Like a shattering snore by a worker? (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SNORE
12. Disciple has to stick to holy writ (8)
13.Association distributing claret (6)>ANAGRAM of CLARET
15.Carry small child with ease at first (4)
16.Used - but not by digital watches (10)
19.Timorous person eager to acquire the skill (5,5)
20.Come very close to a qualification (4)
23.After midnight dally freely with pleasure (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of DALLY
25.Need rest perhaps when taken ill (8)ANAGRAM of NEED REST
27.Patched things up and got married again (8)
28.Asian ruler ok amid revolution (6)ANAGRAM of OK AMID
29.Can't have version without a bottle of wine (8)
30.Cut by a quarter? That's serious (6)

1.First male worker in hard stone (7)
2.You may wind up eating it (9)
3.Show inprovement with respect to criminal record (6)
5.Warning that a man is about to cry (4)
6.Jo prayed to be free from danger (8)ANAGRAM of JO PRAYED
7.Respond to a plea to go back on stage (5)
8.Made noises when disconcerted (7)
11.Being at home possibly greet a number (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of GREET
14.He travels with others to work (7)
17.Bar attire ordered by judge (9)ANAGRAM of BAR ATTIRE
18.Stop one on a horse (8)
19.Imagined a number over five hundred (7)
21.Young creature to plead insanity (7)ANAGRAM of TO PLEAD
22.The last thing those taking exams should do (6)
24.A spice having no end of use in savouries (5)
26.Present her with a key (4)
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Created at 06.45 hrs IST on 20-11-2016 from Chennai

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