THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3199 of 21-04-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Complained when awoken after midnight (7)
5 Music room (7)
9 Declared a number were incorrect (7)
10 Tyres having spokes? (7)
11 It has a small part in a big picture (5)
12 They settle without recourse to law (9)
13 Detestable hotel, so am changing (9)ANAGRAM of HOTEL SO AM
15 Good place for a date? (5)
16 Athlete suffers reverse in the preliminaries (5)CONTAINED INSIDE IN REVERSE
18 Laughing spectator of sport (6,3)
21 Development of the quince shows skill (9)ANAGRAM of THE QUINCE
24 Forms groups of actors (5)
25 Hire one for the female lead (7)ANAGRAM of HIRE ONE
26 Stumble on crude oil and acquire foreign capital (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of OIL
27 Seven days and one more, but not Sunday (7)
28 Revolutionary air followed by early motorists (3,4)

1 Very cold, in a Gallic way (7)ANAGRAM of A GALLIC
2 Supervise, we hear, away from this country (7)
3/7 They pick up the litter (9,7)
4 There's point in clothes for dandies (5)
5 With port, uncle becomes portly (9)ANAGRAM of PORT UNCLE
6 Check the accuracy of someone else's account (5)
7 See 3 Down
8 Puts up some opposition to Sister's new order (7)ANAGRAM of SISTERS
14 Indirectly, I quell boy's revolt (9)ANAGRAM of I QUELL BOY
15 He won't grow into an uncle (4,5)
16 Rough-cut apostle (7)
17 New clue has British sailors on Eastern lake (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of CLUE
19 Plunder piled so haphazardly (7)ANAGRAM of PILED SO
20 Proceed to take a catapult to get a young bird (7)
22 Diana madly in the swim (5)ANAGRAM of DIANA
23 Start to penetrate (5)
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