Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2960 of 21-09-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Removal time guaranteed (7)
5.Watch in a warship (7)
9.Having forced a way in I'd creep around (7)ANAGRAM of ID CREEP
10.Division has FBI agents mounted outside (7)
11.Hawaiian love may be welcome to strangers (5)
12.A plan for putting on weight (9)
13.Arming the riotous is a horrifying experience (9)ANAGRAM of ARMING THE
15.Share the rant (5)
16.The way things go (5)
18.Nothing to show this is a politial statement (9)
21.Promise that makes both alter (9)ANAGRAM of BOTH ALTER
24.Leapt out from the crease (5)ANAGRAM of LEAPT
25.Cat is given water in French house (7)
26.One who hears and sums up all the accounts (7)
27.One must do it to survive (7)
28. Everything turns grey - a rash reaction perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of ALL for EVERYTHING+GREY

1.Account for what is no longer clear (7)
2.Time to wish for something enduring (3-4)
3.Like some remote regions and unsuccessful pop songs (9)
4.Finish with one's tail in the air (3,2)
5. Lead astray (9)
6.Troubled reign current in West Africa (5)ANAGRAM of REIGN
7.It gives warm support to aspiring glider pilots (7)
8.Monastery beaugle call (7)
14.The poor may find it accommodating (9)
15.It brings down the tone when depressed (4-5)
16. There's no smoke without it (7)
17.Competitor in an event ran terribly (7)
19.Take it for protection (7)
20.Where office work is seen to be done (3-4)
22.Daggers drawn (5)
23.Student owns a place in Tibet (5)
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Created at 13.00 hrs IST on 21-09-2014 from Chennai

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