Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3173 of 21-10-2018)Fillable and with solution)

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1 A sitter changes dresses (7)ANAGRAM of A SITTER
5 A child of three allowed on any excursion (7)
9 A passage from 'Tristan.' (7)ANAGRAM of TRISTAN
10 Arab territory that makes me turn cross (7)
11 Spritely number in fine disarray (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of FINE
12 Two who play together (9)
13 Fighting opponents (9)
15 General rule observed in a cathedral (5)
16 A revolutionary invention (5)
18 From one's first look the canal gate is broken (2,1,6)ANAGRAM of CANAL GATE
21 Youngsters having seen great changes (9)ANAGRAM of SEEN GREAT
24 Joy is a composer (5)
25 Unusual spite shown by the French in a letter (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SPITE
26 Losing the rubber prevents you doing this (7)
27 Schoolboy's book case (7)
28 Promises to uncle perhaps (7)

1 Wept and ran from a Belgian port (7)ANAGRAM of WEPT RAN
2 Trade in the streets (7)
3 Nurse felt funny taking ill (9)ANAGRAM of NURSE FELT
4 Fed up with dates having to be rearranged (5)ANAGRAM of DATES
5 Dates may be seen around here (3,3,3)ANAGRAM of DATES HERE
6 Being a fool I do it wrongly (5)ANAGRAM of I DO IT
7 Receives support from a film-boy (5,2)
8 Thomas's initial motive for betrayal (7)
14 Show promise as a sculptor (5,4)
15 Take the car, beetle off and have a good time (9)ANAGRAM of CAR BEETLE
16 Evidence of a spectator (7)
17 It's glee oddlty enough for the mournful poet (7)ANAGRAM of ITS GLEE
19 Driving a point home (7)
20 Officers sensing change (7)ANAGRAM of SENSING
22 The centre may be dropped (5)
23 Be off for the rest of the night (5)
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