Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2977 of 22-02-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.A quack remedy from which most run (7)ANAGRAM of MOST RUN
5.Get lean in order to be graceful (7)ANAGRAM of GET LEAN
9.Bound in faith say (7)
10.Type of pigeon basket (7)
11.Frequently expressed as decimal (5)
12.Skinflint having a talent for being unhappy (9)
13.What apiarists do maintains a cosy temperature (5,4)
15.Levels the score and quits (5)
16.How one comes to confess (5)
18.Spits in the sea (9)
21.Animals trained to work without carrying (9)Not solved
24. Grew agitated without a gambling venture (5)ANAGRAM of GREW A
25.She lacks a partner for a card game (3,4)
26.Castle on eastern railway is birds' nesting place (7)
27.Dead set about being tranquilised (7)ANAGRAM of DEAD SET
28. One of nine in a plot is perplexed (7)

1.Number come up with a piece for broadcasting (7)
2.Sink for keeping coal in (7)
3.Dawn of Japanese standardisation (6,3)
4.Female twice a mother (5)
5. They don't like people avoiding their duty (9)
6.One may slip and fall into it (5)
7.Can I provide a friendly solution (7)
8.Sailor obtains marks for shooting (7)
14.Went without saying (9)
15.Space for joint study (5-4)
16.So carts are useful for moving heavy furniture (7)ANAGRAM of SO CARTS
17.Chaps caught in foul deed are corrected (7)ANAGRAM of DEED+MEN for PEOPLE
19.Gold pieces but not regular currency (7)
20.Roamed the street with ready change (7)ANAGRAM of ST for STREET+READY
22.Form a queue at the back (5)
23.Take out and clean (5)
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Created at 16.00 hrs IST on 22-02-2015 from Chennai

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