Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3147 of 22-04-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Send something in advance (7)
5 It goes on incessantly, even when idle (7)
9 Major currency of China (7)
10 Objects to Ernest's replacement (7)ANAGRAM of ERNESTS
11 A grim end to our love (5)
12 A blow for commerce (5,4)
13 Do without the misplaced tent that's been left behind (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of TENT
15 Peru's new money (5)ANAGRAM of PERUS
16 Run it out of town (5)ANAGRAM of RUN IT
18 Retired people don't get those fanciful ideas (9)
21 Sea-going vandal (9)
24 I do it wrongly, being a fool (5)ANAGRAM of I DO IT
25 Arab territory that makes me turn cross (7)
26 No doubt many yarns have been spun about it (7)
27 She makes hats look more ornamental - and neater (7)
28 Fools assume solutions (7)

1 Rugby player is crafty one of a pair (3-4)
2 Deep hatred for a soldier, we hear (7)
3 P.M. comes out of No. Ten for a break (9)ANAGRAM of MO TEN FOR A
4 Lived in the past (5)
5 Tiny crate breaks, you can bet on it (9)ANAGRAM of TINY CRATE
6 Set sail on Eastern passage (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SAIL
7 Port of granite construction (7)ANAGRAM of GRANITE
8 The rest live round the turn (7)
14 Musical picnicker (5,4)
15 Turn pride into downfall (9)ANAGRAM of PRIDE INTO
16 I'd set it out in the neatest form (7)ANAGRAM of ID SET IT
17 A cross in Italy shows where a composer is buried (7)CONTAINED INSIDE
19 Daughter of Minos gives song with uplifting finale (7)
20 They won't stand for being models (7)
22 Province of a genuine French gentleman (5)
23 Demolished what's soundly built (5)
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Created at 09.30 hrs IST on 22-04-2018 from Bangalore

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