Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3160 dated 22-07-2018 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Two lads, one suffers (6)
4 A machine to tune with skill (8)
9 Second move, plain to a Russian (6)
10 Deapair a worry? not here surely (8)ANAGRAM of DESPAIR A
12 Slow draw? (8)
13 Pretend to have influence (6)
15 The main type of eagle (4)
16 Results are usually laughable when this missile is launched (7,3)
19 Declined to keep awake? (7,3)
20 Low joint where a cap is worn (4)
23 Eastern country producing tea or rubber for instance (6)
25 Break his model into pieces (8)ANAGRAM of HIS MODEL
27 Its aim is to produce winners of course (4,4)
28 Ladies' man holding ancient city office (6)
29 Deciding to make no further moves (8)
30 Domestic service (3,3)

1 Not having been given a good hiding (7)
2 Notable increase in volume (9)
3 Pledged to raise money (2,4)
5 Country artist with an outstanding level of intelligence (4)
6 House-warming arranged for Alice (4,4)ANAGRAM of FOR ALICE
7 Blazing with a loud anger (5)
8 Where he is involved in a diverting treat? (7)ANAGRAM of HE TREAT
11 Reasons for sediment (7)
14 Strengthen dispute in Japanese currency (7)
17 Destitute writer on an African river streamer (9)
18 Files put in the wrong order with malicious intent (8)ANAGRAM of FILES PUT
19 Puts on something saucy (7)
21 Escape of gas (7)
22 Content of a book (6)
24 Tease the non-male member of the family (5)
26 Smile at the end of a Wagnerian opera (4)
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Created at 10.45 hrs IST on 22-07-2018 from Bangalore

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