Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3021 dated 22-11-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Cricket side's opener played badly (3-3)
4 Highly skilled apprentice put in complete control? (8)
9 Cats in the pound (6)
10 Tiptoe in order to get round robin perhaps (8)ANAGRAM of TIPTOE IN
12 Anna is to transpose music (8)ANAGRAM of ANNA IS TO
13 Many dwell on this anagram made by setter (6)ANAGRAM of SETTER
15 Ends back in front of the old range (4)
16 A sober habit (10)
19 Novelist that is involved in broadcasting (10)ANAGRAM of NOVELIST+IE for THAT IE
20 I returned to receive the king - a terrible person (4)
23 A person's character aunt is upset about (6)ANAGRAM of AUNT+RE for ABOUT
25 Took vain steps having support (8)
27 Out of form - but not as a golfer (5,3)
28 Packed against the unexpected? (2,4)
29 The way the world goes round (8)
30 Setback in retirement (6)

1 More than one player is in new boots (7)ANAGRAM of IS BOOTS
2 Cain thrown out in the end for monetary reasons (9)ANAGRAM of CAIN+FINAL for END
3 They happen to upset Steven (6)ANAGRAM of STEVEN
5 It's impossible to connect with these services (4)
6 Tortuous swindlers (8)
7 Lift up beams we hear (5)
8 Major currency of China (7)
11 Exactly the opposite of how prose should be written (7)
14 Grows vegetables (7)
17 I get tea on free treat (9)ANAGRAM of I GET TEA ON
18 Inflate an account maybe - or unduly reduce one (8)
19 Hairstyle; the prevailing fashion certainly (7)
21 Coming to no conclusion (7)
22 Shakespearean fruit (6)
24 Varied diets for varrious seasons (5)ANAGRAM of DIETS
26 Piano music - a duet (4)
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Created at 07.30 hrs IST on 22-11-2015 from Bangalore

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