Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3234 dated 22-12-2019 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Run the second edition (6)
4 Many Nazis were armed with this (8)
9 May be in leaf at last (6)ANAGRAM of IN LEAF
10 A revealing piece of photography (8)
12 Ale or gin from the local? (8)ANAGRAM of ALE OR GIN
13 Anthea may be the personification of wisdom (6)ANAGRAM of ANTHEA
15 Out of gear (4)
16 Gets agreed damages set aside (10)ANAGRAM of GETS AGREED
19 Is one thrown in car dispute tha's unsettled? (7,3)ANAGRAM of CAR DISPUTE
20 Stick arounda Pacific isle (4)
23 Fresh meat sailors swallowed (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ROLE
25 Passing place (8)
27 Argued about a red nose (8)ANAGRAM of A RED NOSE
28 Remember to phone again (6)
29 Hobbies make time pass (8)ANAGRAM of TIME PASS
30 Plays for time in the theatre (6)

1 A shade reserved for fans (7)
2 See danger getting involved with traitors (9)ANAGRAM of SEE DANGER
3 Famous London columnist (6)
5 Angry number in the way (4)
6 Curtailed a long period of deficiency (8)
7 Get used to being in old city quarter (5)
8 Third man had a way with Heloise (7)
11 Date for Roman candles to be ordered (7)ANAGRAM of CANDLES
14 A different driver completed the journey (7)ANAGRAM of A DRIVER
17 It's extremely handy for asort of sketch (9)
18 Tubes of paste (8)
19 Withhold information - about an increase inthe premium? (5,2)
21 Interferes with the decorations, we hear (7)
22 Many of us live in this sort of way (6)
24 Harvests pears,perhaps (5)ANAGRAM of PEARS
26 Satisfied with a quarter measure (4)
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