Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2930 of 23-02-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.View from the flats (7)
5.Favourable weather forecast but fear it's incorrect (3,4)ANAGRAM of FEAR ITS
9.He may be prepared to sell his land(7)
10.It enhances the auctioneer's standing (7)
11.Superior class is distressed (5)
12.Give up on French return (9)
13.Resigns office from basic date (9)ANAGRAM of BASIC DATE
15.Kid had a swing we hear (5)
16.Translation of prose is a problem (5)ANAGRAM of PROSE
18.Billy tipped as winner by Stevenson (9)
21.Yard chase forged money (5,4)ANAGRAM of YARD CHASE
24.Points to the girl to follow (5)
25.After false alarm one receives a complaint (7)ANAGRAM of ALARM+I for ONE+A
26.King surrounded by subjects in sunny area (7)
27.Top side possibly put down (7)ANAGRAM of TOP SIDE
28. Gear to make use of horsepower (7)

1.Something that's essential when raising a fruit (7)
2.Possibly pleased to have passed (7)ANAGRAM of PLEASED
3.Property conveyance? (6,3)
4.Stories with twist? (5)
5. One thing one doesn't expect to be (9)
6.Head of state moves to centre showing discrimination (5)ANAGRAM of STATE
7.Shorten a game of cards (7)
8.Some err badly and show regret (7)ANAGRAM of SOME ERR
14.Act - as a dismantler (4,5)
15.Where the players have their exits and entrances (5,4)
16. Way of selling established in ancient times (7)
17.Shellfish on edge (7)
19.Leisure activity in father's day (7)
20.Gets ready to eat or be eaten (7)
22.Measures some of the rigging (5)
23.But it's not an impediment to getting a lift (5)
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Created at 14.30 hrs IST on 23-02-2014

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