Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (3095 dated 23-04-2017) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Lie back having dined, whacked (6)
4.Cut-throat bunch of hustlers (8)ANAGRAM of HUSTLERS
9.A cheering word for Henry perhaps? (6)
10.A number with a preferance for a charwomaan's job (8)
12. It doesn;t go bang in front (4,4)
13.Menace of the Mad Hatter (6)ANAGRAM of HATTER
15.A case of diamonds? (4)
16.Furious because someone stepped on your toe (7,3)
19.How to learn to dance in stages? (4,2,4)
20.Help's about to run dry (4)
23.Bearing blossom in March or April (6)
25.Gets up - but it involves a scramble (8)ANAGRAM of SCRAMBLE
27.Kept alive the bread round? (8)ANAGRAM of THE BREAD
28.Held with an awkward grip (6)ANAGRAM of HELD AN
29.Found to have arrived (6,2)
30.Figure artificial silk to be something colourful (6)

1.He's best giving orders (7)ANAGRAM of HES BEST
2.Main arrival (5,4)Not solved
3.Creatures from China or Japan for example? (6)
5.Cinderella's sisters were so unfair (4)
6.They don't believe he requires capital in Greece(8)
7.The best size of type (5)
8.Saw about the digs? (7)ANAGRAM of THE DIGS
11.A stiff examination (7)
14.Requests a different type of apples (7)ANAGRAM of A APPLES
17.When goods are sold out (6,3)
18.Sailor banished to quarters for being a defaulter (8)
19.Ready to accept simple drink (7)
21.In transformation scene how does Cinders work out? (7)ANAGRAM of CINDERS
22.I'm not one to weaken (6)
24.Being unqualified she shows some hesitation (5)
26.Live with a socially acceptable boyfriend (4)
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