Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3169 of 23-09-2018)Fillable and with solution)

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1 A dog with pep running wild (7)ANAGRAM of WITH PEP
5 Revised tale with a revolutionary ending (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of TALE
9 On a pier maybe such events are not covered (4-3)ANAGRAM of ON A PIER
10 Driving aid makes a professional mad (4,3)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of MAD
11 Perform some forbidden activities (5)
12 Emerge neither winner nor a loser still after a piece of luck (5,4)
13 Take choir in new version to follow 'Jerusalem' (9)ANAGRAM of TAKE CHOIR
15 They're found on snowshoes not on skates (5)
16 Record membership (5)
18 Resolve to discourage an excavation (9)
21 Willing female (9)
24 A picking-up point (5)
25 Ends an interim arrangement (7)ANAGRAM of INTERIM
26 Fat and foolosh said Pioe (7)ANAGRAM of SAID POE
27 Stickers for the traditional method of roasting (7)
28 Able to see the digs being worked (7)ANAGRAM of THE DIGS

1 A moor we converted into a rocket range (7)ANAGRAM of A MOOR WE
2 Not altogether true (7)
3 Realistic science exam (9)
4 Health Robinson's heart beat (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
5 A mere agent may make one (9)ANAGRAM of MERE AGENT
6 Trail used by a tank (5)
7 Getting rid of or just changing places (7)
8 Pins one's faith on hinges (7)
14 Discipline reposes with soldiers (9)
15 Youth employed to skin fish (9)
16 Properties on the American_atlantic seaboard(7)
17 Book a player unlikely to play (7)
19 Decrease one's difficulties (4,3)
20 Urge on the leading intellectual (7)
22 Young Victorian heroine caught in a lie (5)
23 They can provide inside information about a complaint (1-4)
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