Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 2964 dated 23-11-2014 (Chennai) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Suit the deed (6)
4.Controlling factors (8)
9.Got out of doing something (6)
10.Fighting opponent (8)
12. Reckless injunction to keep increasing the rent (8)
13.She has pain from one side to another (6)
15.Timber trade (4)
16.He will stick at his job (10)
19.Wild revels of Australian derivation (10)ANAGRAM of AUSTRALIAN
20.Thesaurus includes Jacob's twin brother (4)
23.Pleads we hear for approval (6)
25.Pass, momentarily fail, then break down totally (8)
27.The prototype of a girl in love possibly (8)ANAGRAM of A GIRL IN+O for LOVE
28.Unskilled labourer that is unenthusiastic at first (6)
29.He ignores national costumes (8)
30.Conditions found in America (6)

1.Broken treadle had a warning notice (7)ANAGRAM of TREADLE
2.Her husband is likely to be much overrated (9)
3.Specified period sometime in the future (3,3)
5.A mother for one who was motherless (4)
6.He causes trouble in a washing machine perhaps (8)
7.Girl hit out at journalist (5)ANAGRAM of HIT+ED for JOURNALIST
8.Resident judge (7)
11.City finance (7)
14.Scrap an out-of-date golf club (3,4)
17.First man to take up craft (5,4)
18.Sauce required for a formal dinner (8)
19.They supply effervescent drinks in shops perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of IN SHOPS
21.Economise in vain (7)
22.Completely exhausted but making maximum efforts (3,3)
24.Something cast in gold - the last word in French (5)
26.Payment we take in silver (4)
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Created at 12.30 hrs IST on 23-11-2014 from Chennai

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