Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2873 of 24-02-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Apply for directions to one's house (7)
5.Communicate fast (7)
9.It makes sense if it is used to win at cards (7)ANAGRAM of SENSE IF
10.Sam will reorganise the timber factory (7)ANAGRAM of SAM WILL
11.Lift shafts we hear (5)
12.Inferior style in which younger children are taught (9)
13.It takes its turn between washing and ironing (5,4)
15.She has directions in Polish (5)
16.Upset non-professionals set up agian in the country (5)
18.assume mail delayed about mid-January (9)
21.Check the power of support (9)
24.Blake's night burner (5)
25.Greed the caviare spread (7)ANAGRAM of CAVIARE
26.Attacking a girl in distress (7)ANAGRAM of A GIRL IN
27.Trickery of the French in a sense (7)
28.Binds books (7)

1.Establishes if farms need cultivating (7)ANAGRAM of IF FARMS
2.Ann did play one part in panto (7)
3.Fast finish (6,3)
4.Time for some magic (5)
5.The way the world goes round (9)
6.State electricity (5)
7.Not the whole of the story (7)
8.King of the son and the new moon (7)
14.Tense seconds are perhaps (9)
15.Sitting down occupation (9)
16.Hostile incursions where the fleet is at anchor (7)
17.Make a fuss to have it placed in an entrance (7)
19.Urging a fresh discussion (7)ANAGRAM of URGING A
20.Makes purple as green (7)ANAGRAM of AS GREEN
22.Complete freedom for cast (5)
23.Mysterious point I have gone into before (5)
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