Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (2877 of 24-03-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Stretches between bends (7)
5.Identification of vessel having similar outline (7)
9.Wild and mute perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of AND MUTE
10.Money fine can upset (7)ANAGRAM of FINE CAN
11.Girl student's record (5)
12.No longer stress there's a supplement (9)
13.Bird catcher's practical joke (5,4)
15.Supporter of the Board of Education (5)
16.None but candidates stand for them (5)
18.One who tries to steer a boat (9)
21.It's a cello arrangement for swing (9)ANAGRAM of ITS A CELLO
24.Dad's brother Sam in the US (5)
25.Vacancy for the job of a doorman (7)
26.Metal cover protects the sewer (7)
27.The weariness of military duty (7)
28.Perplex with a minus sign (7)

1.Stalks out of the stage crowd (7)
2.A new notion for the merchant of Venice (7)ANAGRAM of A NOTION
3.Highest points of a world tour? (9)
4.Slide about the side walk (5)ANAGRAM of SLIDE
5.The point of the device may not be apparent (6,3)
6.How to arrest wear in a new engine (3,3)
7.Relations unite as in a crisis (7)ANAGRAM of UNITE AS
8.Possibly learnt about Eastern immortal (7)ANAGRAM of LEARNT E
14.One might be the sum of two equal squares (9)
15.Technique in shooting for example (9)
16.Parade even though parade has been cancelled (4,3)
17.Article on foreign currency includes one no longer current (7)
19.A sound measure (7)
20.Smoking jackets? (7)
22.Deceptively situated (5)
23.Those who have this should not feel hungry (5)
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