Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2995 dated 24-05-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Song about a sailor overseas (6)
4.It rarely turns out like this in books (8)NAGRAM of IT RARELY
9.Rising disgust (6)
10.Players' entrance at the football ground? (8)
12. Clear course of action after study (8)
13.oom for a picture producer (6)
15.Vehicle turns to leave (4)
16.No man's land taken over by Napoleon (6,4)
19.Appears to accept poetry of acceptable quality (10)
20.The re's need for variety in a garden (4)ANAGRAM of NEED
23.Sound work (6)
25.Animals cannot be put inside the vessel (8)
27.Told off (8)
28.Knock out some facts about the aircraft (6)
29.Allocates to workers on strike (5,3)
30.A nice rest is to lie back before tea's brewed (6)ANAGRAM of IS TEAS

1.A new crop, it yields fruit (7)ANAGRAM of A CROP IT
2.Profit that shouldn't be taken unfairly (9)
3.Oils go into Northern dwellings (6)ANAGRAM of OILS GO
5.I get an encore of the bird (4)
6.Watch the dances in which one has pupils (8)
7.Fuss about love (5)
8.It was used for suspended sentences at sea (7)
11.A hole in ten unusually high (7)MINE for HOLE+ANAGRAM of TEN
14.Mother's in the outhouse drink (7
17.German car is not beaten in performance trials (9)AUDI for GERMAN CAR+ANAGRAM of IS NOT
18.Gets up but it involves a scramble (8)ANAGRAM of SCRAMBLE
19.A little bit of heaven (7)
21.Heaven is covered transport in a rainstorm (7)ANAGRAM of RAIN+VAN for COVERED TRANSPORT
22.Journey to the game (6)
24.A tart and unsatisfactory type of answer (5)
26.List of courses for chaps at university (4)
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Created at 10.45 hrs IST on 24-05-2015 from Bangalore

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