Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennaie (2951 of 24-08-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.A model from quiet part of Spain (7)
5.Money fine (7)
9.Vessel churning up water left and right (7)ANAGRAM of WATER L R for LEFT RIGHT
10.Tail one wags in delight (7)ANAGRAM of TAIL ONE
11.Not an all-American name for a girl (5)
12.No longer moody dear? (9)
13.In a difficult situation use hose on grass (5,4)
15.Fitting end for a piece of wood (5)
16.Finish work and take a girl out - that's fortunate (5)
18.React in an odd way unaware of what's going on (2,1,6)ANAGRAM of REACT IN AN
21.A way to be delivered from an emperor (9)
24.Conclude there's uranium in the reservoir (3,2)
25.One needs pluck to play it (7)
26.He mingles with the crowd to get food (7)ANAGRAM of HE CROWD
27.LIstens out for recruits (7)ANAGRAM of LISTENS
28. Rescued broken contracts (7)ANAGRAM of RESCUED

1.Prepared to wait for doctor's charge (7)
2.Boring German I upset (7)ANAGRAM of GERMAN I
3.Courteous conduct shown by everyone in bridge (9)
4.She tends to rush over certain points (5)
5. Sort of oracle apt for an old queen (9)ANAGRAM of ORACLE APT
6.Open grassland (5)
7.Sort it out in teaching (7)ANAGRAM of IT OUT IN
8.The case for a little enlightenment (7)
14.Soft grain inferior - but still highly esteemed (9)
15.Held short assembly as a starting point (9)ANAGRAM of HELD SHORT
16. Reprimand for breaking rule etc. (7)ANAGRAM of RULE ETC
17.Peer is a partner with the company (7)
19.Kind of people who follow the herd (7)
20.They get taken in by foreigners (7)
22.THe regions are as follows (5)
23.It's more pleasant back in the precinct (5)
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