Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2978 of 25-01-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Manage to define the bishop's position (7)>
5.Ray of light down the shaft (7)
9.TV programmes that are being reviewed? (7)
10.Their shops will have cut prices (7)
11.No head on the beer, that is strange (5)
12.Greatness unfortunately makes enemies (9)ANAGRAM of GREATNESS
13.Aircraft pattern (9)
15.Goes on the roller coaster perhaps (5)
16.One of five is unaccountable (5)
18.More than enough to fill up ten forms (9)ANAGRAM of FILL UP TEN
21.Contemplate exercise for a personal problem (9)
24.Cain's other people (5)ANAGRAM of CAINS
25.Officer commanding British sailors and his bad language (7)
26.Having a lean time? (7)
27.Descriptive of an eternity ring (7)
28. The attendant's not responsible for it (7)

1.A very personal description of royalty (7)
2.Ruler and a sheet of paper required (7)
3.Old friend causing deadlock (9)
4.Result in directions being put to wrong use (5)ANAGRAM of E N for DIRECTIONS+USE
5. Means buses can't operate (9)ANAGRAM of BUSES CANT
6.A below average girl (5)
7.Got together after an important point cropped up (7)
8.Broods about one's exploits (7)
14.I am introducing froit charges (9)
15.People who keep servants (9)
16.Well content in Wonderland (7)
17.Like sheep are in a shed (7)ANAGRAM of ARE SHED
19.Party making drama documentary (7)
20.Pasta cooked the countey way - to sink in the middle (7)
22.In the form of you (5)ANAGRAM of IN THE
23.Help an upstanding girl (5)
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