Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore (3143 of 25-03-2018)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Troubles a-plenty? Or simply fine? (7)ANAGRAM of APLENTY
5 Any girl so mistreated might react thus (7)ANAGRAM of ANY GIRL
9 It makes current measures possible (7)
10 Girl I took on for a job (7)
11 A possessive type (5)
12 Not solemn, perhaps just sleepy (9)ANAGRAM of NOT SOLEMN
13 Suitable weapon for a sharp-shooter (6-3)
15 A tract for spendthrifts (5)
16 Growing rage? (5)
18 The more there are the fewer there are (9)
21 Rotating arms? (9)
24 Put us in charge of the match (5)
25 One bill inside another one gets for bacteria (7)
26 Instruction to the mechanic might be a bore (3,4)
27 Going to great lengths at other end (7)
28 Kind of lodge in which Monica's out of place (7)ANAGRAM of MONICAS

1 Army unit is also included in the project (7)
2 He must have a supporter and may get one in me (7)ANAGRAM of ONE IN ME
3 On the side of the junior partner (9)
4 Stories spun by spinsters (5)
5 Munitions produced by man and master (9)ANAGRAM of MAN MASTER
6 Gout's disrupting ones zest for life (5)ANAGRAM of GOUTS
7 Severe cold (7)
8 China's major currency (7)
14 Fruitful source of information (9)
15 Fruitful results of a sharp blow (9)
16 Golf score can make a good story (7)
17 Building where one may have a little flutter (7)
19 Earnest, if devious, oriental (7)ANAGRAM of EARNEST
20 Polish she has to ring up for (7)
22 I'll be surrounded by the French here (5)
23 Wife comes up about to be angry (5)
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