Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3252 dated 26-04-2020 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Biblical headhunter (6)
4 Feat of a magician with a topper and a bowler (3,5)
9 Apply preservatives - a typical measure with new lamb (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of LAMB
10 Press for a reduction? (8)
12 Lively parties given by mum in lodgings (8)
13 Drawing room (6)
15 Ordered, as whisky may be (4)
16 Word of praise (10)
19 The tears we shed for a loved one (10)ANAGRAM of THE TEARS WE
20 Sunny smile? (4)
23 Give firm backing to a system of worship that’s mystical (6)
25 Risk death with passion (8)
27 Hat-clutching commercial travellers, crawlers (8)
28 Entertainment that’s a nice change to mother (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of NICE
29 Girl holds no alternative site for Hamlet (8)
30 Things to be done in company (6)

1 Boards with relative by marriage (7)
2 One way to avoid friction may be a bit cruel (9)ANAGRAM of A BIT CRUEL
3 A boy interrupts my complaint (6)
5 State welcome to king (4)
6 Reveal oneself to be a beastly coward (4,4)
7 Headless reptile leaping about in the Pyrenees (5)
8 A sign that visitors aren’t welcome (4,3)
11 Cut needs re-doing (7)ANAGRAM of REDOING
14 Economical telephone call to a health resort (7)
17 Always on the go, is Ivy (9)
18 Stable charge for a horse (8)
19 Southern company press for means of punishment (7)
21 Spoil Sarah with a light wine (7)
22 Bill comes up with some jewellery, showing affection (6)
24 Manages to vary in scope (5)ANAGRAM of SCOPE
26 Bring up or what one may bring up (4)
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Created at 19.00 hrs IST on 26-04-2020 from Bangalore

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