Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2999 of 26-07-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Recreation for Father's Day (7)
5.Used for cutting down the chat perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of THE CHAT
9.Shot at you as peas might be (7)
10.Enthusiasts may wax it (7)
11.Note reciprocation about a point of principle (5)
12.Dry-heated in order to lose moisture (9)ANAGRAM of DRYHEATED
13.Order me a gin as a repeat order (9)ANAGRAM of ME A GIN AS A
15.They man ships for a voyage we hear (5)
16.It is pinned on somehow, begad (5)ANAGRAM of BEGAD
18.The final, final chance to light a cigarette (4,5)
21.Elaborate passes for ordinary sailors (4,5)
24.French town one confused with Ur (5)ANAGRAM of ONE UR
25.OK, take the lead (2-5)
26.Outsider, a good steeplechaser? (7)
27.Evidence of a leak? Tell the attendant (7)
28.Carried on in the nude perhaps though embarrassed (7)ANAGRAM of NUDE+RED for EMBARRASSED

1.Steep as fluctuations in old Spanish currency (7)ANAGRAM of STEEP AS
2.Calculation involving bird and bone (7)=
3.Tease Lila about being uncomfortable (3,2,4)ANAGRAM of TEASE LILA
4.It's all over a point in the revised deed (5)ANAGRAM of DEED+N for POINT
5.How cardplayers showed affection (4,5)
6.Weary, tried a new way (5)ANAGRAM of TRIED
7.Metric substitute for the acre (7)ANAGRAM of THE ACRE
8.Bank employees who provide one with accounts (7)
14.No-one at heart very nervous (3,2,4)
15.Be persuaded to call (4,5)
16.Stinkers in more than one way (3,4)
17.Get cleared in order to follow the Customs' advice (7)
19.Report of big air crash (7)
20.Century old political division (7)
22.He gets involved with any wild carnivore (5)ANAGRAM of HE ANY
23.Sorted bales of fur (5)ANAGRAM of BALES
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