Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3126 of 26-11-2017)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 They may be picked by criminals (7)
5 Army takes a long time to get a certain prisoner (7)
9 It travels by road and rail (7)
10 To let a thousand in may cause distress (7)
11 Changing the route from the bull (5)ANAGRAM of ROUTE
12 Colourful instrument for a novice (9)
13 The point of no return for an actor (5,4)
15 Look back into the middle ages for capital savers (5)
16 Head stableboy rode off with a lovely horse (5)
18 Fair assessment for those not beyond redemption (3,3,3)
21 Left alone by those who seek advances (9)
24 Booked as a master carpenter (5)
25 Cover too many a circuit (7)
26 Fight to save a battered used car (7)ANAGRAM of USED CAR
27 Fresh letters of support? (7)ANAGRAM of LETTERS
28 What one may do with a stipend perhaps (5,2)ANAGRAM of STIPEND

1 Doesn't encourage delays (4,3)
2 Little Charles gets a number correct (7)
3 Within a ring finally (9)
4 A gesture one doesn't care to make (5)
5 African who provides a warning drink about ten (9)
6 A charmer should be detected in depravity (5)
7 Possibly name one kind of a plant (7)ANAGRAM of NAME ONE
8 Understanding French (7)
14 She overrated Socrates (9)
15 Valid reason for giving to charity (4,5)
16 Tried to make a little yarn go a long way? (4,3)
17 A number in Exeter possibly going too far (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of EXETER
19 Pirate band carrying equipment (7)
20 Locked up fruit? (7)
22 A dark place of retirement in France (5)
23 Wear disliked by cricketers? (5)
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Created at 07.00 hrs IST on 26-11-2017 from Chennai

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