Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3113 dated 27-08-2017 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Dive made by a footballer, perhaps (6)
4 Caught by stumper, all out - ready for tea? (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of STUMPER
9 This style of architecture has its points (6)
10 Launching of report on cricket side (5-3)
12 His word is law at a court perhaps (8)ANAGRAM of AT A COURT
13 The plea and the pleader (6)
15 Double act, now extinct (4)
16 Hostelry getting approval for modernisation (10)
19 Never satisfied with played-out banalities (10)ANAGRAM of BANALITIES
20 Note antique and valuable stuff (4)
23 Could be used to put out (6)ANAGRAM of USED TO
25 Loans saved, can make a move (8)ANAGRAM of SAVED CAN
27 During a stroll, girl is likely to be won over (8)
28 'Moody' could describe Romeo's disposition (6)ANAGRAM of ROMEOS
29 Condemn in just a few words (8)
30 A service the abstainer takes comfort in (3,3)

1 Gaunt-looking writer (7)
2 Positions assumed by a duettist (9)ANAGRAM of A DUETTIST
3 Show girl goes round in 100 (6)
5 Only a minor burn (4)
6 Defective hearing (8)
7 It;s not easily carved by one in a confused state (5)ANAGRAM of BY ONE
8 A shade reserved for fans (7)ANAGRAM of FOR FANS
11 Deny a saying is wrong (7)ANAGRAM of A SAYING
14 Make an impact (7)
17 Press angry with German award (4,5)
18 See great changes in overseas accommodation (8)ANAGRAM of SEE GREAT
19 Met lines of equal pressure (7)
21 Food locked up (7)
22 Promise the old man a part (6)
24 Not smiling back (5)
26 Boy that is raised in France (4)
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