Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3013 dated 27-09-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Payday for a servant? (6)
4. Shot drug-crazy man (8)
9.An encroachment on the public highway? (6)
10.Extra fashionable line in trousers (8)
12. Get a tube-shaped leaf (8)ANAGRAM of GET A TUBE
13.The fashion trade (6)
15.Amount of cloth going to a girl (4)
16.Royals in Chinese capital surrounded by crowds (10)
19.Presumably fighting talk is part of it (3,2,5)
20.A bad start for a king (4)
23.Knock beer back with Edward and end up in high spirits (6)
25.Any crest may indicate it (8)ANAGRAM of ANY CREST
27.Minus sign on a Chinese restaurant? (4,4)
28.It's excessively used by composers (6)
29.Order looks not right yet feels right (4,4)ANAGRAM of YET FEELS
30.Eagerly Len rummaged about in the locker (6)ANAGRAM of LEN+KEY for LOCKER

1.Easily reduced to powder using a bar file perhaps (7)ANAGRAM of BAR FILE
2.Not even a soldier (9)
3. Calms down a wild beast (6)ANAGRAM of A BEAST
5.Rotten position in the army (4)
6.A closure arranged in a round-about way (8)ANAGRAM of A CLOSURE
7.Police spy who didn't look out of place in the garden? (5)
8.Mother's broken flask (7)ANAGRAM of MOTHERS
11.Unusually smart do for film eminence (7)ANAGRAM of SMART DO
14.Annoyed when - out of painkiller (7)ANAGRAM of ANNOYED
17.The point of this device may not be apparent (6,3)
18.Nevertheless desirous of obtaining a monopoly (5,3)
19.Wind resulting from unsettled weather (7)ANAGRAM of WEATHER
21.He's not a particular person (7)
22.One of the men in a boat helps the pilot (6)
24.Low joint where members meet (5)
26.Innocent abroad? (4)
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Created at 09.00 hrs IST on 27-09-2015 from Bangalore

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