Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2913 dated 27-10-2013) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.realised that the bounder has embraced the girl (6)
4Impressed by Eastern flight (8)
9.Turned and fled wit detectives in pursuit (6)
10.Checkers of medical doses (8)
12.You need a bit of a break (8)
13.Make fasr (6)
15.Wet weather is the rule it's said (4)
16.Foreign money I examine found in order (10)
19.Legal document that could be a trap (10)
20.Hitch horse to a pole (4)
23.A Saudi for example takes the French to be cultivated (6)
25.Beat this for a political slogan (8)
27.The kindly feeling of its beneficiaries (8)
28.Rummage for about some time (6)
29.Widespread colours (8)
30.Set of six texts put around the East (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (TEXTS+E for EAST)

1.Look after if you like (7)
2.Excitement as tension explodes (9)ANAGRAM of AS TENSION
3.Variation in game puzzles people (6)ANAGRAM of IN GAME
5.Go for a short walk (4)
6.Man out in storm reaching peak (8)ANAGRAM of MAN OUT IN
7.Threefold anaesthetic (5)ANAGRAM of THREE
8.Oriental festival on the third of June (7)
11.Beg for an adjustment in net rate (7)ANAGRAM of NET RATE
14.Thumped in an attempt to gain an admission (7)
17.In agreement, not I for one (9)
18.Having just married Wendy we left to change (8)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (WENDY WE+L for LEFT)
19.Alterations in the bellringer's programme (7)
21.Chap concealing a weapon in his clothing (7)
22.Father will take part - it's a promise (6)
24.Perfume starts a romantic interlude (5)<
26.Aspersion on the staff perhaps (4)
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Created at 11.45 hrs IST on 27-10-2013

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