Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3074 of 27-11-2016)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Ride round on a whirlwind (7)
5 Maintains a return pressure (7)
9 Old net I can repair (7)ANAGRAM of NET I CAN
10 A bitter brew that might go to father's head (7)ANAGRAM of A BITTER
11 Ship in river on the equator (5)
12 Sum granted to repair ocean wall (9)ANAGRAM of OCEAN WALL
13 Appearing to suit in a new job (9)ANAGRAM of TO SUIT IN A
15 Suffering from the pip? (5)
16 Everyone is after soft fruit (5)
18 Show we have to clarify our views in pairs (9)
21 For a musician who's caught the spirit? (5,4)
24 Take vain steps to provide support (5)
25 Girl given Chinese food wanting more (7)
26 One on a diet may turn out so (7)
27 The dentist won't stop to do it (7)
28 Additional provision made by a willing individual (7)

1 Wine cash bill is incorrect - fifty short (7)ANAGRAM of CASH BIL
2 Growing source of food and drink (7)
3 Go too far across a stretch of water (9)
4 A minor player makes more (5)
5 Well it's not used for transport (9)
6 Fastener held on by a thread (5)
7 Train to follow the king (7)
8 He plays havoc with well-proportioned limbs (7)ANAGRAM of HE PLAYS
14 Rebelling against authority gets run in perhaps (9)ANAGRAM of GETS RUN IN
15 Quite content having been fully paid (9)
16 A charge made by river boards (7)
17 First male colonist is unyielding (7)
19 Mac and Eric astray in China (7)ANAGRAM of MAC ERIC
20 Put into bond on account of great interest (7)
22 Tea break about six - good show (5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of TEA
23 The most noted of the arts (5)
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