Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3200 dated 28-04-2019 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Beats making money (6)
4 Investigate where the supermarket tills are (8)
9 Oedering beer at a discount (6)ANAGRAM of BEER AT
10 Pretty colle ction (8)
12 Writes one's first letters (8)
13 Witness at a trial (6)
15 It's purely symbolic (4)
16 Charge for firearms (10)
19 Reserve player (10)
20 Stay and finish (4)
23 They carry on among wits (6)
25 Sign on a communist when worried (8)
27 Take chances using melting ski runs after mid-April (3,5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SKI RUNS
28 Irregular delivery (2-4)
29 Sad about a relative, he becomes a young gangster (8)
30 Holy smoke it could be responsible (6)

1 Not just relating to some (7)
2 Without a bit of control, presumably(9)
3 Delay putting the date in wrongly (6)ANAGRAM of DATE IN
5 Not the sole order dog learns to obey (4)
6 Drink for a bird-dog (8)
7 Lady love with a bad upbringing (5)
8 Get hint about contract (7)NAGRAM of GET HINT
11 Conditions that might affect mail etc. (7)ANAGRAM of MAIL ETC
14 An old-timer unable to work after dark (7)
17 Pauses in travels abroad (9)ANAGRAM of IN TRAVELS
18 Flourish a cereal bowl (8)
19 Directed higher - to where you'll find the walking patients? (7)
21 He sounds like a wheeler-dealer (7)
22 Region possibly showing neglect (6)ANAGRAM of REGION
24 I'm repeatedly after information found in Arabian tales (5)
26 Bird seen when others rise (4)
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Created at 22.00 hrs IST on 28-04-2019 from Chennai

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