Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2969 of 28-12-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Short cut across the beach (7)>
5.Said to have issued currency (7)
9.Superior position from where stars look down (7)
10.Train that is brought to absolute rest (7)ANAGRAM of TRAIN+IE for THAT IS
11.Shouts out names (5)
12.Firm dates arranged quickly (9)ANAGRAM of DATES+FAST for QUICKLY
13.A bloomer he made being too fond of his image (9)
15.Master and servant (5)
16.Quick to note danger (5)
18.Indirectly I quell boy's revolt (9)ANAGRAM of I QUELL BOY
21.Banked left (9)
24.Writer successful in exposing glib sentiments (5)
25.Not perhaps a Spanish river, but an American lake (7)ANAGRAM of NOT+A RIO for A SPANISH RIVER
26.Ape and lion come to like milk (7)ANAGRAM of APE LION
27.Oriental of earnest disposition (7)ANAGRAM of EARNEST
28. Promises - to abstain? (7)

1.A little nourishment to be taken before study (7)
2.Run sail out when away from the mainland (7)ANAGRAM of RUN SAIL
3.Kids drink it (5,4)
4.Drains topless pitchers (5)
5. Runs a live broadcast worldwide (9)ANAGRAM of RUNS A LIVE
6.A step taken to obtain new trade (5)ANAGRAM of TRADE
7.Go back round the terrace (7)ANAGRAM of TERRACE
8.Conscript doctor gets behind midweek (7)
14.A neat little instrument? (9)
15.Kill dead accepting one pound for it (9)
16.Vandalised rosebed may need patient care (7)ANAGRAM of ROSEBED
17.I'm badly upset by such a drive (7)ANAGRAM of IM UPSET
19.Following points go to the prosecution (7)
20.Statesmen making bets? (7)
22.Material for Prokoliev (5)
23.Number with inadequate rise become dejected (5)
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