Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Bangalore SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3161 of 29-07-2018)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Secret serviceman on lowest rate of pay (7)
5 Receive news about the girl (7)
9 Put in a demand for medical treatment (7)ANAGRAM of MEDICAL
10 About to be given beans? Push off (7)
11 Advanced to be a school principal (5)
12 But hardly the lok of one banishing the blues (9)
13 Broke nine volts circuit (9)ANAGRAM of NINE VOLTS
15 More than one barrel used in shooting (5)
16 Painting is dry and firm (5)
18 Outstanding singers perhaps (9)
21 Ideal item for a beginner at a furniture factory (4-5)
24Ireland loses territory to the North-East in the name of peace (5)
25 First male worker is determined not to give way (7)
26 Boy and aunt get together in cheerful fashion (7)ANAGRAM of BOY AUNT
27 Commonly done (7)
28 Staff held in a sort of respect (7)ANAGRAM of RESPECT

1 Classical admission of guilt (7)
2 Untidy serving men eat here (2,1,4)
3 Mail a lord sent out is under a personal cover (9)ANAGRAM of MAIL A LORD
4 Provide a finale to the second half of the show (5)
5 The more he cuts down the more he gains (9)
6 Tempting fruit? (5)
7 Keep up the fight having soundly sunk a putt (4,3)
8 Jackets for hippies? (7)
14 Delighted? Then dance around (9)ANAGRAM of THEN DANCE
15 Not quite a sea, rather a seaport (9)
16 He serves on board a ship (7)
17 It may get upset over trifles (7)
19 Member in neat outfit showing good taste (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of NEAT
20 It may appear to frighten people (7)
22 Swim before one can walk (5)
23 Sober sort of garments (5)ANAGRAM of SOBER
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