Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3222 dated 29-09-2019 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Watergate clue is incorrect (6)ANAGRAM of CLUE IS
4 A dog is put outside in a pram (8)
9 A wild horse on land (6)ANAGRAM of A HORSE
10 Interview everybody in the theatre (8)
12 A cross-section of the church (8)
13 Miss Kate did it in winter, it appears (6)CONTAINED INSIDE
15 Artist's model who barely earns a living? (4)
16 In a way property is wealth (10)ANAGRAM of PROPERTY IS
19 It's not the same as disagreement (10)
20 Run away - left in fact without having eaten (4)
23 Uncover swindle (6)
25 Their parents' pride and joy (4,4)
27 Want no more, it's unnecessary (8)
28 Oriental wrapper for a book Kipling wrote on love (6)
29 Sending out East on a job (8)
30 Make fast (6)

1 Hardy character (7)
2 Foe had run into unprecedented difficulty (7-2)ANAGRAM of FOE HAD RUN
3 Gentle touch worries the skin head (6)
5 A climbing French wall plant (4)
6 One who insists on giving direction to a trout-catcher (8)
7 Group composition to catch on the heart (5)
8 Time to arrange sea duty (7)ANAGRAM of SEA DUTY
11 Pole and Russian fought together (7)
14 Possibly spy on fashionable medium (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SPY
17 Sick jokes? (3,6)
18 Mr. Poirot has a point - a strong one (8)
19 The answer to a charge against protection? (7)
21 Arrange to get rid of (7)
22 Nation producing oil (6)ANAGRAM of NATION
24 Emile provides something fragrant (5)ANAGRAM of EMILE
26 See ducks going over Scandinavian capital (4)
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Created at 10.45 hrs IST on 29-09-2019 from Bangalore

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