Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (3016 of 29-11-2015)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 It's a heap of use to gardens (7)
5 Pigs can't fly but pigs one modifies might (7)ANAGRAM of PIGS ONE
9 His examinations necessitate a lot of book work (7)
10 No longer plentiful for instance (7)
11 Like an egg; so veto a pie (5)ANAGRAM of VETO A
12 Is such a race never close? (4,5)
13 Hope's fled for the pound (9)ANAGRAM of HOPES FLED
15 Class or form taking English (5)
16 A measure of the gold standard (5)
18 Handing over and retiring (7,2)
21 Insulting attack (9)
24 Party being organised (5)ANAGRAM of BEING
25 Paper work I'd get in order (7)ANAGRAM of ID GET IN
26 Very cold in a Gallic way (7)ANAGRAM of A GALLIC
27 Feline parent upset about the end of March (7)ANAGRAM of PARENT+H for END OF MARCH
28 Well-filled vessels (7)

1 Window-cleaner found in the mountains (7)
2 Raised help in measure to negotiate (7)
3 At the very place where one is in difficulty (2,3,4)
4 A trunk with tangled roots (5)ANAGRAM of ROOTS
5 Not a genuine claimant? (9)
6 Glower a large cocktail (5)ANAGRAM of LARGE
7 He pours out music from his lyre in Greek mythology (7)ANAGRAM of HE POURS
8 Comes to respect the royal staff (7)ANAGRAM of RESPECT
14 It's extensively used by oarsmen (9)
15 A chap on foot? (9)
16 Fail in soccer contest - Short-range shot needed (5-2)
17 Collar the boy - he's a hoodlum (7)
19 Discharge from the army (7)
20 Unnecessary loss of a point irritates (7)
22 Sound of a stable hinge breaking (5)ANAGRAM of HINGE
23 US soldier caught in the overturned boat (5)ANAGRAM of THE+GI for AMERICAN SOLDIER
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Created at 09.30 hrs IST on 29-11-2015 from Chennai

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