Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2935 dated 30-03-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.Took advantage of American in a plot (6)
4.Sleeping partner maybe has scope to finish on board (8)
9.Out of the country (2,4)
10.Delay when the mail has broken open (8)ANAGRAM of POST for MAIL+OPEN
12. Alienate sergeant in mess (8)ANAGRAM of SERGEANT
13.It makes one unreasonably frightened (6)
15.She comes back with a stick (4)
16.See pottery cast in set routine (10)ANAGRAM of SEE POTTERY
19.Dig beneath brook (10)
20.Hydrogen weapon and the damage it does (4)
23.The little devil breaks cover and gets clear (6)
25.If you lose them then you're lost as well (8)
27.Contestant unfortunately slain in attack (8)ANAGRAM of FIT for ATTACK+SLAIN
28.Wrong ascent a driver may take (6)ANAGRAM of ASCENT
29.Performance by a team is a fair attraction (8)
30.Walrus left with a mouthful (6)

1.Is embraced by a need for something aromatic (7)ANAGRAM of IS A NEED
2.Turned out awkward without instructor (9)ANAGRAM of TURNED OUT
3.New organisation takes blame for cover-up (6)ANAGRAM of NEW+RAP for BLAME
5.A pitcher for the players (4)
6.The strikers' case (8)
7.Mob disperses after sailor produces the weapon (1-4)ANAGRAM of MOB+AB for SAILOR
8.Cheer for most of the players at end of game (7)
11.Stir it in a football ground (7)
14.There are all types in his trade (7)
17.Desires to represent any singer (9)ANAGRAM of ANY SINGER
18.As A for apprenticeship (8)
19.Has a cheering effect knowing one need not climb stairs (7)
21.Wrong way for people to give a hand (7)
22.About the end of December reached Santa's base (6)
24.Be careful one is told explosives have been laid (5)
26.Capital and endless loose change (4)ANAGRAM of LOOS (ENDLESS LOOSE)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 30-03-2014

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