THE SUNDAY TIMES OF INDIA, CHENNAI SUNDAY CROSSWORD (3209 of 30-06-2019)Fillable and with solution)

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1 Moving passage from 'Tristan' (7)ANAGRAM of TRISTAN
5 Scholar returns maths work on time (7)
9 Tie up an unusually attractive plant (7)ANAGRAM of TIE UP AN
10 Loving having a party telephone (7)
11 People count on them to send them to sleep (5)
12 What the doctor may make of poor signs (9)ANAGRAM of POOR SIGNS
13 Grit a musician needs, getting the bird (9)
15 Saw no clear profit return (5)
16 Yet it provides academic standing (5)
18 Robin's left-wing: Bert's a revolutionary (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of BERTS A
21 Is not my name to appear very shortly? (3,6)ANAGRAM of NOT MY NAME
24 An out-of-the-way plea (5)
25 Hair style peculiarly English (7)ANAGRAM of ENGLISH
26 Effective narration (7)
27 Is inclined to enter the Church, subject to purification (7)
28 Chap doesn't get any younger but still has control (7)

1 Staff of office? (7)
2 Old Greek hunter is made to work to a great age (7)
3 It is rough: could be smoother (9)
4 Go for a long walk -- or take up afternoon painting (5)
5 So in love as to be transformed in demeanour (9)ANAGRAM of DEMEANOUR
6 A grain seen only in oak (5)
7 Chinatown seems in confusion (7)ANAGRAM of SEEMS IN
8 Nominally commits oneself to work? (5,2)
14 Stand by ascetic (9)
15 Sailor man in waterproof material (9)
16 Book for the big race? (7)
17 Amenity switched to an unspecified date (7)ANAGRAM of AMENITY
19 Permanent dwelling (7)
20 Short pains experienced when stewing hash (7)ANAGRAM of STEWING
22 It was ground in the gutter (5)
23 Superstitious symbol of many following a gambling system (5)
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