Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No. 3009 dated 30-08-2015 (Bangalore)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Times editor taken out (6)
4.Is inquisitive about the tank and the soldiers (8)
9.Get out of bed (6)
10.Cut back solidified fish (8)
12. Note eye-catching gadget for pruning (8)
13.Stable form of electricity (6)
15.Wild rose - the symbol pf love (4)ANAGRAM of ROSE
16.He has a habit of hoarding his wares (10)
19.Warmer in the main (4,6)
20.The expedition set off (4)
23.It may be carried on though bylaws forbid it (6)
25.Gave notice (8)
27.He may pass on what he knows (8)
28.Grubby residence (6)
29.Aggravates school head? That's not called for (8)
30.The significance of graven images out East (6)

1.Be equal to change in uniform (7)ANAGRAM of BE EQUAL
2.Occasional butt from goat following girl (4,5)
3.The eras of Cheops (6)ANAGRAM of CHEOPS
5.One run scrambled for the overthrow (4)ANAGRAM of I for ONE+RUN
6.Holiday with Virginia getting accountant into trouble (8)ANAGRAM of VA for VIRGINIA+CA for ACCOUNTANT+INTO
7.Food and drink to someone (5)
8.I'd enter uphill races beside the motorcycle (7)ANAGRAM of ID RACES
11.Doctor has to tell stories about dramatist (7)
14.Delighted when record rise took the pressure off (7)
17.Rejects tutors who spell badly (6,3)ANAGRAM of TUTORS WHO
18.Particular pieces muddled by a learner (8)ANAGRAM of PIECES+A L for A LEARNER
19.Coward and criminal come up in a sailing vessel (7)
21.They're too keen on minor details and burst into tantrms (7)ANAGRAM of PETS for TANTRUMS+AND
22.Lose a point at tennis and go for runs in cricket (3,3)
24.Record start of the event (5)
26.They may be placed but are best misplaced (4)ANAGRAM of BEST
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 30-08-2015 from Bangalore

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