Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times of India, Chennai (2996 of 31-05-2015) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.A whip-round held by the junior diplomat (7)
5.Staff instruction to get a move on (7)
9.Horsemen surround a group of attackers (7)
10.Produced some woolly work (7)
11.Get thinner and lighter (5)
12.It's essential if you want to speak French (2,7)
13.Protecting or projecting (9)
15.Pakistani opener does badly - gets stumped (5)ANAGRAM of P for PAKISTANI OPENER+DOES
16.Cuts off import and export facilities (5)
18.He turns up after all (9)
21.His tastes are refined and pure: a nice change (9)ANAGRAM of PURE A NICE
24.Bear has no right to invest (5)
25.She gets the highest score (7)
26.Abuse a pen for making a mess (7)ANAGRAM of A PEN FOR
27.About ten left a sign (7)
28. Mail from the settler (7)ANAGRAM of SETTLER

1.New area to decline after rising charges (7)ANAGRAM of AREA+SET for DECLINE
2.Accident-prone excursionist (7)
3.Gloomy supporters will , if their team's doing badly (9)
4.Facilitated a seed's germination (5)ANAGRAM of A SEED
5. 18th century inventor - or Noah? (9)
6.Prone to mendacity (5)
7.Drains a beer mug finally and passes out (7)
8.Arranged but not voluntarily (7)
14.Medical bulletin might give one a bad reputation (3-6)
15.Recognised and selected (6,3)
16. Prepare for a costume party (5-2)
17.Fast sailing ship takes the wool crop (7)
19.Raised help in measure to negotiate (7)
20.Smoking jackets (7)
22.States the time for practice (5)
23.Penal settlement in the country (5)ANAGRAM of PENAL
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