Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times Bangalore (2957 dated 31-08-2014) (Fillable and with solution)

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1.It's the devil to turn when there's a collision (6)
4.Book for the opera (8)
9.One way to dress for disco lighting (6)
10.It's soothing when you have to concentrate (8)
12. Heroic Greek units holding an elevated position (8)
13.Refuse to have young (6)
15.Paper match (4)
16.Poorly valued vile entertainment (10)ANAGRAM of VALUED VILE
19.He predicts building of terraces (10)ANAGRAM of OF TERRACES
20.Cat turning up on a sea-going vessel (4)
23.Play for fun (6)
25.Chief craft sought by teachers (8)
27.Pull beneath the waves (8)
28.Plant a bomb that explodes overhead (6)ANAGRAM of A BOMB+O for OVERHEAD
29.Standard feature of most city streets (8)
30.Approve the head's retirement before the end of August (6)

1.This month a worker is dependent on tick (7)
2.Sound of contentment about course from consumer (9)
3.Roughly repair shoes or roads (6)
5.Revered figure in holding company (4)
6.Stay for an execution (8)
7.One takes something for it (5)
8.Comment on something you see (7)
11.A cause of repeated ill-feeling (7)
14.Attached to a refined redhead (7)ANAGRAM of REDHEAD
17.It's hilarious blowing up a huge ball (9)ANAGRAM of A HUGE BALL
18.A sharp fall in sweet production (4,4)
19.It's real topless or not (7)
21.Stay to drink wine (7)
22.Naughty ladies men dream of (6)ANAGRAM of LADIES
24.Lady seen at Mother's meeting (5)
26.Weapons some people play with (4)
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Created at 13.00 hrs IST on 31-08-2014

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