Cryptic Crossword-02 in Family Newsletter No. 60 (15th April 2017)(Fillable and with hints & solution)

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1.Piece of music in E sharp, perhaps (6)
4.Puts pressure on the men who sail in a ship (6)
9.Conceit revealing vitality in troubled times (7)
10.Work time for stage drama (5)
11.An essential part of thieves' language (5)
12.Scales fifty snakes (7)
13.It's cold fare for a revolutionary leader (5,6)
18.Token, otherwise a foreign lady (7)
20.Follow directions and engage in litigation (5)
22.Respond and about turn (5)
23.Girl I sign on as an astronomer (7)
24.Gives way under pressure (6)
25.Stockings only put out in the north and south (6)

1.Be agreeable to a sleep, perhaps (6)
2.She is strangely hard about love (5)
3.English style of roof tile (7)
5.Sky about audible (5)
6.Look put on for glasses (7)
7.Scanty directions hold the same (6)
8.Pocket money makes very little difference (5,6)
14.He doesn't appreciate where the coal goes (7)
15.He's about to call up a poet (7)
16.Bird gets so upset over victim (6)
17.Decimals hold on for wooden joints (6)
19.Chosen from the depot (5)
21.It uses rounds or ovals (5)
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