Just to recap, every Cryptic Crossword clue will contain a 'definition' of the answer (usually at the beginning or the end), or the whole clue will be the definition.

Of the different types of Cryptic clues, ANAGRAMS or a re-arrangement of the letters are the most popular. For knowing whether the clue is an anagram, look for words that suggest mixing: "confused", "wild", "upset", "broken" etc. <

An example is
Man who moved from Chicago raps ad madly (6)

I have given ten anagram clues. All of them are names of relatives - 2 are from Srinivasan family, 7 are from Ranganathan family and one name is common to both..
Good Luck and get cracking.
Am Rathi, may be, but she's from Bangalore (7)

I'd his Rin for a futre fashion-designer (8)

Car hand-assembled for an Australian in temple town (7)

Man has ant running on Centenary organiser (9)

Rathy has a part remade for this editor (13)

Hairy's confused for this hairy girl from USA (6)

The age is altered for a Vaishnavite or an auditor (6)

The knaves are organised for the textile man (6)

Saris in van crumpled by head-master (10)

Hark, I'd a journalist in Germany (7)